Sendle and Xero

Xerocon 2015 features a crazy amount of new apps and integration options - but it did feel like there weren't many innovating new players to watch.  With one exception - Sendle.

Sendle is an app that has been developed out of an existing userbase within another app, TuShare.  TuShare was a crowdsharing recycling community, where users could give away things they no longer wanted, to someone else - for free.  TuShare overcame the location barriers by creating a way to tap into a variety of couriers to create an easy, flat rate shipping service.

With people listing items just to access the shipping component of their service - you can see the huge potential of Sendle.

It's still in early stages, with their only integration being directly to Xero - but from the testing I've done, the service was great.  

The prices are amazing, and it's much easier than waiting at the post office, or dealing with 8 different courier websites.

The only tricky aspect of integrating Sendle into your business will be ensuring the client data in your Xero file is correct and complete.  If you're using an e-commerce integration, check whether the billing or shipping address is the updated field in Xero.  Compared to the normal shipping processes, that's an investment!