Don't be a messy businessowner. 5 simple apps to get you sorted

Freelancing can look like an ideal job.  But it can be hard.  You're doing the work, and you also have to be the office manager, IT department and finance team.

Lucky we're going to recommend some apps to help with that.
These are 5 of the top easy to use apps.

Who? Cushionapp
What does it do?  Don't know how much work you have coming up?  Not sure when you will have time to take on a new project?  Cushionapp is designed for freelancers to see their future, current and invoiced projects, and see what their forecasted income is and when they have gaps in the workflow.  
Cost? $10 per month
Who should use it?  If you stay awake at night worrying about money and upcoming projects.  

Who?  Harvestapp
What does it do? Job management through time tracking and invoicing made easy.  Syncs across multiple devices and if you have to record your time, this is the app for it.  
Cost? Free for micro businesses, $12 per month for solo freelancers
Who should use it?  If you're doing time-based billing, yet your income isn't stacking up to how hard you're working.

Who?  Inbox from gmail
What does it do?  It's very similar to feel to the Mailbox app, which was our old favourite.  You can swipe and archive to zero out your inbox every day.  If you can't do it today. Pick another day to deal with that email and it will disappear from your inbox until then.
Cost? Inbox is free however if you're using your own domain you need to pay to use gmail for work
Who should use it?  If you're already using google apps for work and using email clients or the gmail interface, move over and have some zen over your inbox.

Who?  Wunderlist
What does it do?  It's essentially the best to do list in your life.  It syncs across platforms (so you can't lose it), and you can collaborate with it.  Create launch schedules, to-do lists and more with wunderlist.  I'm a huge fan of using the hashtags feature.  If I'm in a writing zone, I pull up all the #write.  If I'm waiting at the airport, #5mins to do quick easy tasks.  Integrates with your email- so add it to your todo list and archive that email.
Cost?  Free for most, $5 per month if you want to attach large files in there
Who should use it?  Everyone who writes lists.  If you aren't a list maker, that's not going to suddenly change.

Who?  Lastpass
What does it do?  It's a secure password manager which works across platforms, stores all your passwords and keeps your sanity (and security).  It can also suggest super secure passwords.
Cost?  Free option is very limited, only $1 per month to sync across devices/platforms

Don't waste your time on administrative tasks when you could be doing what you do best.

How much should you set aside for your tax bill?

The most frequent problem we see with freelancers, is they start their business, quit their job...and then come and see us when their first year of business is done.  And it's tax time.  It's a mess, and they don't know how much the owe - and then reality hits.  They haven't put aside enough money.  

Don't fall into this trap.  We'll do another detailed post on the why this is a huge trap (here's a hint - the PAYG instalment transition HURTS).   

So by popular request we're putting this out.  It's not the prettiest little excel calculator, but if you put in your profit each month it will let you know very roughly how much income tax is on that.

Click here for the goods.

The video here goes through a worked example, and if you have any questions please let us know by email